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Self-managed server rooms

The self-managed server rooms house self-managed machines which are unsuitable for an office environment. They are rooms B.Z14 and B.01 in the basement of the Informatics Forum. These pages tell you how to use them.

Important information on safety and emergencies which you MUST read:

The self-managed server rooms have some specific fire alarm and suppression systems installed.

You MUST reserve rack space in the rooms before you order any new machines.

You MUST read through the Informatics Server Basics course in Learn. To find the course visit Learn, click "Self-Enrol" then "Browse Course Catalogue", then search for "Informatics server basics".

Once you have your new machine, please send in a support request to ask for help with installation, power, network and console provision.

A monitor, keyboard, and mouse are provided in the room for server maintenance, please disconnect them when you have finished your work.

If we find that you have installed your machine incorrectly or inappropriately, we'll let you know. We may require you to move it.

Here's how to get in:

When you remove a server, please tell us.

You should join the mailing list.

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