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All user email is handled by the University's email service, Office 365. The University's email help pages explain how to use it. To get help contact EdHelp (if you're a student) or IS Helpline (if you're not a student).

Phishing, spam and offensive mail

We have advice on dealing with phishing, spam and offensive mail.

Mail Directories

The University provides mail directories for staff and students. You can use these to ask for an alias for your email address, though they have limits on what can be requested, typically limited to

Mailing lists

Requests for new mailing lists should go to the University-wide mailing lists service.

Local mailing lists

We no longer accept requests for new local mailing lists, but we maintain pre-existing ones, a list of which can be found here: It is possible to tell which lists are generated from the database and which were originally created by computing support by reading the description of the list on its "about" page.

There is a guide to mailing lists for people in Informatics.

Email at Informatics

Authenticated SMTP

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