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Remote working

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This page helps you to use School computers from home.

Before you start - data security

For essential security measures, and to learn what you must do before handling personal or sensitive data, see this page before going any further:

Learning and teaching from home

Get access to Informatics computers

The main way to use the DICE desktop environment remotely is via the ⇒ remote desktop service.

Sometimes all you need is a virtual machine on your own laptop: ⇒ Virtual DICE.

To get more computing resources, students can ⇒ remotely use the student labs.

Staff (and postgraduate research students) can login remotely to their office DICE computer, as long as they first do this:

  1. Get onto the Informatics network (through the ⇒ firewall). You can do this using either ⇒ OpenVPN or ⇒ ssh.
  2. If your office computer is sleeping, you can ⇒ wake it up remotely.

To get a text login to DICE see ⇒ External login (ssh) servers.

To remotely use a Windows managed desktop computer in your office, see ⇒ COVID-19 computing help for admin and professional services staff.

Working from your home computer

You can read and send email from anywhere. See the ⇒ mail page for further details.

You can install some University-licensed software (including MATLAB) on your own computer at home, if you have one. To find out more see ⇒ Licensed software for personal machines.

To hold meetings, chat, videoconferencing, see ⇒ Online Meetings.

We have advice on getting ⇒ remote access to restricted web pages.

To access your files from home see ⇒ Where are my files?

If you're having trouble seeing University web pages, see ⇒ How to test your network.


If you keep University files on your computer, you should make backup copies of them.

Digital Skills

The University's training toolkit on remote working is intended for staff, but it might be useful for everyone:

Remote access explained

For explanations and background information read ⇒ Connecting from outside the University - an overview.

Working from home

Information Services has a helpful ⇒ Working from home page.

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