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Remote access to restricted web pages

Some Informatics web pages are restricted so that only local users can gain access. (For advice on how to do this for your own web pages see General web questions). This page gives guidance on how local users can gain access to restricted web pages when not on a local machine.

Pages restricted to
These are normally visible only from computers within the University of Edinburgh. However access to such pages can be gained by outside machines using the one of the VPN services.
Pages restricted to
There should be very few web pages restricted to Anything that should be restricted to Informatics users should be Cosign-protected - checking who you are, not where you are. If you come across pages which can only be viewed from then please let the owner of the web page know, or tell computing support who may be able to update them.

In the meantime you can use the Informatics OpenVPN service to see these pages. Have a look at the remote working topic, particularly the section on the Informatics OpenVPN connection, which puts your computer on the Informatics network.

If you are an author of web pages which are currently restricted to certain networks, then please speak to computing support about changing them to be Cosign protected instead.

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