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Student laptops

(Research postgraduates: please read ⇒ Computing information for new academic staff and research postgraduates instead.)

We understand that the move to hybrid teaching - where you will receive your teaching via on-campus and digital learning - may raise questions about the technology you might need for the start of the new academic year.

Devices and connectivity

If you are taking an Informatics programme or course, we strongly recommend that you have a suitable personal computing device, usually a laptop of some kind. (We use "laptop" here, but it could be a desktop computer, if you prefer.) The standard minimum specification of the device, as well as the requirements on internet access, will vary depending on the individual courses that make up your programme, and how you will need to remotely interact. There's more detail at:

If you are thinking of buying a new device, we have recommendations for the type of device you should get, the standard minimum specification of the device, and options around internet access. Full details can be found in the ⇒ guidance document.

Please note that this guidance is based on purchasing a new device. If your current device doesn’t meet these specifications, that’s fine - but next time you upgrade, we recommend that you revisit this guidance.

Student technology support

If you are struggling to obtain or use your own personal laptop, there are several ways to borrow one from the ⇒ Laptop Loan service, including:

  • Short-term loan (3 days) – to be used if your main laptop is missing, being repaired, or unable to do a particular task.
  • Medium-term loan (2 weeks) – to be used if your main laptop is missing, unable to complete a longer task or assignment, or study for exams.
  • Long-term loan (full semester or year) – access to the long-term loan will be need/circumstance based, and you must follow a simple sign-off process. This type of loan will not be self-service like the other shorter term loans.

The ⇒ Laptop Loan service is free, and available to all Undergraduate and Postgraduate students.

Free ethernet cables and adaptors, headsets, webcams

For session 2021-22 the University is providing free ethernet cables, ethernet adaptors, headsets and webcams to all students who need them. For details see:


If you have any questions about personal technology for the new academic year, then please ⇒ contact us.

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