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How to test your network

If you can't access Informatics or University resources from home, Computing Support will try to help - but first please do these few quick tests, so that you can tell Support which of them succeeded.

Network tests

On the machine you are having the problem on, please visit the following web sites:

  1. - if you can't reach this, then you probably have a local network problem.
  2. - if you can reach the BBC, but not the University website, then the whole University is likely to be having network problems.
  3. - if you can reach this, then your and the University's networks are likely to be working fine.

Login tests

If the network tests succeeded, can you access these two pages? You may be asked for your University login (EASE) for the first and your DICE details for the second.


If you can access these pages and successfully login, then we know that authentication is working.

Information tests

Finally, a couple of quick tests to tell us about your network connection. You only need to do these if you're going to contact Computing Support. If you do, please visit these pages first then tell us the information that they give you.

  1. - please send us the "Results URL" which this site gives you.
  2. - please send us the line of information which this site gives you.

Contacting Support

Please contact us using the Computing Support Form. When you do, please tell us:

  • Which of the Network tests and Login tests succeeded;
  • The information you got back from the Information tests.

We'll do what we can to help.

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