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Virtual DICE

You can run a version of DICE Linux in a virtual machine on your own computer. This is called Virtual DICE.
It uses VirtualBox, so it will run on a variety of computers. Any DICE user is welcome to use it.

What's Virtual DICE?

It's like DICE, except:

  • It runs in a virtual machine on your own computer, instead of on servers and desktop computer in Informatics buildings.
  • You can have root access.
  • When you first install it, your Virtual DICE VM has less memory and disk space than a standard DICE computer. You can change that in the VM's settings in VirtualBox.
  • Less software is included, for legal and space reasons.
  • It stores your files locally in the virtual machine. This is different from DICE, where your files are in AFS. But you can use AFS from Virtual DICE.
  • In Virtual DICE your files are not backed up! You should copy them regularly to your AFS home directory.
  • DICE has regular software updates, but with Virtual DICE you control when or if software is updated.

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