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Installing Virtual DICE

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Before you can install it


  1. Decide which ⇒ edition you want.
  2. Check that your computer meets the ⇒ requirements.
  3. Get a copy of Virtual DICE either by ⇒ download or by ⇒ on a USB key.

How to install it

Once you have your .ova file, either click it to open it, or start VirtualBox then import the file using the Import Appliance menu option. Once imported, a new virtual machine will appear in VirtualBox.

Virtual DICE uses 2.5GB of memory by default. This ensures that it works on computers which only have 4GB of memory. If your computer has more memory than that, you can give Virtual DICE more memory, like this:

  1. Start VirtualBox but don't start the Virtual DICE VM.
  2. In VirtualBox, highlight the Virtual DICE VM.
  3. Click Settings then System.
  4. Change the Base Memory value from 2560MB to (for instance) 4096MB, then click OK.

The .ova image file needs to be imported only once. After that, you can start Virtual DICE from within VirtualBox.

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