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Requirements of Virtual DICE

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To run Virtual DICE, your computer will need to have the right resources.

  • You will need a computer with an x86 processor architecture. If it has Intel or AMD CPUs it will probably be fine. A computer with ARM processors will not run Virtual DICE - sorry. (An Intel Mac would be ideal; an ARM Mac would not.)
  • Virtual DICE will use about 20GB of disk space on your computer - more for the Full edition, and more as you fill its disk with files.
  • It will use 2.5GB of memory.
  • The computer should be secure and private to you, so that you can safely enter your DICE account details, in order to get access to your DICE home directory on AFS.
  • You will need VirtualBox. If your computer doesn't already have it, you can download it for free from ⇒ It's available for a variety of operating systems, and any of them should be able to run Virtual DICE, as long as your computer has the hardware mentioned on this page.
  • If your computer is a PC, look in its BIOS settings for Virtualization Support, and enable Virtualization Technology and VT For Direct I/O.
  • It will be an advantage to install one of our ⇒ VPN services on your computer.

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To get your copy, either ⇒ Download Virtual DICE or ask for ⇒ Virtual DICE on a USB key.

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