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Self-managed Windows

Access to the School's computing services

A Windows PC can access many Informatics computing services:

Windows licences (and other Microsoft software)

If your desktop or laptop was purchased by the School, it may already be licensed to run a Windows operating system. If so, it should have a Microsoft licence label somewhere on the case giving details of which Windows version for which it is licensed.

If your machine doesn't have a Windows licence, or you want to run a different Windows operating system, you will need to obtain a Windows licence. You can read Microsoft Licensing for details on the various routes for obtaining Windows licences.

All students and staff in Informatics can download a variety of Microsoft software - take a look at the Microsoft Licensing page for details.

Anti-virus software

The University recommends Windows anti-virus software to help you protect your home and work desktop PCs from being infected with malware.


If you keep University files on your computer, you should make backup copies of them, in case your computer breaks or is lost. We run a network backups service.

Further Information

You can find information on how to access various Informatics services from your Windows machine by selecting the Windows topic from the Choose a topic option in the right sidebar. The self-managed topic might also be of interest.

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