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Using ssh from Windows

If you are using Windows 10 or 11, we recommend you use the built-in ssh client. It can be used from either the Command Prompt or Windows PowerShell applications. It's based on OpenSSH, so you can manage your ssh keys in the same way as on Linux (for details see Using ssh on Linux).

However, if you have trouble with the way some commands or applications display, you could try PuTTY instead. PuTTY is both an SSH client and a terminal emulator. It's well-tested and likely to work well with the historical quirks of a variety of Linux and Unix systems. For more details see our page Installing PuTTY.

For full details of our ssh services see External login (ssh). Note that you need to be using a University VPN.

For more background reading on ssh see connecting from outside the University - an overview.

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