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Office 365 and Teams

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Office 365 is provided to the University by Microsoft. It includes mail, calendars, conferencing, cloud-based file storage, and various document editing and sharing facilities. All staff and students use it. The Teams collaboration software is part of Office 365.

Login system

Office 365 uses Microsoft's login system, which is distinct from the University's own "Your University Login" system (which used to be called EASE). You will have separate accounts for each of these login systems. However, you may well find that they have the same password.

Your Microsoft account might be referred to in several ways - for instance your "Active Directory account", your "Office 365 account" or even your "University account".

In the Microsoft login system, your username has the form (your UUN is your DICE or University standard username). For instance, if your normal username was s1234567 then you would login to Office 365 as

To start using it

To activate your Office 365 account, visit ⇒ then click "Activate". You only need to do this once.

More information

Mail tips

Name ordering

By default the University sets the names of Office 365 users to the form SURNAME Firstname. If you would like your name to be in some other form, for instance the more conventional Firstname Surname, ask the University to change your Office 365 "display name", saying what you would like it to be changed to. Students should contact EdHelp; staff and others should contact IS Helpline.

Choice of mail address

By default the Office 365 suite assumes an email address. If you prefer using an address, ask for your mail address to be the official address for you. Students should contact EdHelp; staff and others should contact IS Helpline.

SMTP server

If you use a mail client, you're encouraged to configure it to send your mail via the Office 365 SMTP server - but this will reject mail that's not from your official Office 365 mail address. This can be a problem if, for instance, you prefer to use a address rather than the default To get round this you can either have your official email address changed (see above), or you could configure your mail client to use a different SMTP server instead - for example


IS runs a course fairly regularly for Office 365 users. To find out more and to book on a course, login to MyEd then search under its "News and Events" tab for "office365".

Alternatively, Linkedin Learning has a number of courses on Office 365. To find out more about Linkedin Learning see the University's help pages:

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