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SMSR: safety

Food and drink

Food and drink are not allowed in the School's server rooms.

Booking your visit

Any time you need to enter the rooms, our safety rules state that you MUST book a time slot for your visit. To do this, contact User Support to ask for your preferred time (and room!) and check that your visit doesn't conflict with anyone else's.


Following a Health and Safety assessment, the Forum server rooms have been designated as mandatory hearing protection zones, which means all users MUST wear ear defenders in the rooms.

PPE in the form of over-ear defenders and in-ear disposable plugs are provided for your use in all three server rooms. Please contact us via our support form in the usual way should you find stocks depleted.

Safety tests

Pre-installation safety tests are not normally needed for 'standard' machines bought by the University through the usual suppliers. However, non-standard machines and older machines do have to be tested periodically. Our own technicians will advise as to when this needs to be done, and they will do any necessary testing.

Machines which fail a safety test must not be used. Machines which have not had a recent safety test may be powered off until one can be arranged.

Heavy and bulky equipment

Computing machinery intended for racking in the self-managed server room might be both heavy and bulky. If you are involved in the installation and/or removal of any such machinery, then do not proceed unless you are certain that the manual handling involved presents no risk either to your own personal safety, or to that of others. If you are in any doubt, seek help and advice via our support form.

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