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SMSR: getting in

Access is normally granted freely to those who have machines in the rooms, but not to anyone else.

Any time you need to enter the rooms, our safety rules state that you MUST book a time slot for your visit. To do this, contact User Support to ask for your preferred time (and room!) and check that your visit doesn't conflict with anyone else's.

The doors use swipe and PIN. Please ask computing support for access, giving your University swipe card number (it's the long number along the bottom beginning '100100...'). Please send this as a separate request so that the necessary actions can take place in parallel with any other work you might ask for. If you are a student, please be sure to include the name of your supervisor.

An alarm will go off if the door is held open for more than 15 seconds; if you think you'll need to open the door for longer, please contact support beforehand.

Once your card is enabled and your machine installed, you should be able to do all necessary management tasks yourself. However, please feel free to send in a support request if you'd like assistance with something.

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