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Self managed servers - responsibilities

Please note the following which sets out certain responsibilities research groups have with respect to their self-managed servers.

Physical install/removal
Machines should be installed by a member of the research group, but overseen by a member of the computing staff (typically from the Research and Teaching unit). This oversight is necessary to ensure that machines are installed in the correct slot and to ensure good power and network wiring practice.
Managing the OS
The expectation is that the research group will manage the operating system install and maintenance. However, there will be occasional exceptions to this rule - subject to Head of Computing or Head of Research and Teaching unit approval. (These exceptions will be recorded in the relevant LCFG profile).
Handling suspected hardware faults
The expectation is that the research group will investigate hardware faults and report any said faults to the organisation providing hardware support, usually the original supplier.
The computing team can provide the contact details.
Returns and packaging
We strongly encourage that research groups purchase on-site support for their servers. Where a research group has chosen a return-to-base warranty, they are responsible for packaging and returning the server to the supplier. They must also retain any packaging required to return to the supplier - the School does not have space to store such packaging.
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