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Self-managed server rooms space policy

This page sets out the School's policy regarding the allocation and use of space for machines in the self-managed server rooms.

Space in the self-managed server rooms is overseen by the Server Room Resource Group (SRRG) which applies the School's Server Room Management Policy. Space is ring-fenced for research which requires low level access to hardware - eg. for experimenting on operating systems, direct power measurement, etc.

Space in the self-managed server rooms must be requested in advance, before machines are purchased, by completing a Server Room Request Form. Required information includes :-

  • physical size of machine(s);
  • expected power requirements;
  • expected network requirements;
  • expected lifetime of the machine(s) (if other than the default five years);
  • whether part of an existing or proposed cluster.

Space will not be provided for any machines which turn up unannounced.

All equipment will be allocated an initial 5 year tenancy, after which its tenancy will be reviewed on an annual basis. The associated PI would need to show a significant need for the equipment to keep it in the Informatics server rooms after 5 years. For existing machines in the SMSRs, this will be back-dated to their original purchase dates, as recorded in the School's equipment inventory.

All machines in the self-managed server rooms must have a member of the School's staff to act as adminstrative contact and "sponsor". This will normally be the PI for the project operating the machines. If this responsible person leaves the School, then the group or Institute whose machine it is must nominate a replacement. Machines without a member of staff to sponsor them may be turned off and removed from the SMSRs, even though they might still be within their time allocation (see above). Note that in any case machines without a sponsor would not be allowed to have any firewall holes open.

The responsible person may nominate one or more technical contacts. For day-to-day adminstrative and technical issues we will contact these nominated technical contacts. For all other issues, or where the technical contacts do not respond, we will contact the sponsoring member of staff. Communication will normally be through the Support RT system, to allow issues to be logged and tracked. Failure to respond may result in machines being turned off and removed from the rooms.

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