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SMSR: networks

There are four network switches in room B.Z14, and one in room B.01, each providing 44 1000baseT ('Gigabit ethernet') ports. Ports on each of these switches can be configured onto any of the public or private VLANs available in the building. Each of these five switches has a 10Gbps uplink to the network core.

A port in one of the switches will be configured for your machine on installation. Switch ports are not interchangeable: you must not re-patch your machine to any other switch port. Please, never rearrange, add or remove any network connections.

When you install your machine, the support team can supply network cables of suitable length from stock. If you need a large number of them, please let the support team know in advance.

If you have several machines in either of the rooms, there might be some efficiency to be gained - both for you and for the other users of the rooms - if they are all connected to the same switch. Please contact support if you think this may be a useful thing to do.

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