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Forum server room fire alarms

This page describes the fire precaution procedures and mechanisms for the Forum server rooms.

In the event of the fire alarms sounding you MUST leave the building immediately. The fire exits are via the stair at the west end of the corridor (Core A) out to Charles Street and the stair at the east end of the corridor (Core C) out to the pend. If necessary the basement corridor to the Dugald Stewart Building will also lead to fire exits. Note that the main stair to the Forum atrium will be closed off by a smoke curtain, which you must not attempt to bypass.

If you have been in one of the server rooms when the alarm sounds you should report to the fire controller at the Forum front door after you leave the building.

Gas suppression system

Note: this is now LIVE.

The B.02 and B.Z14 server rooms are fitted with a gas suppression system ("GSS"), which may be operated automatically by the smoke detectors covering the rooms. You should read the further details of its operation in the Gas Suppression System page. It is not operated by the general building alarm.

After a fire alarm, if the GSS has been activated you MUST NOT re-enter the rooms until they have been adequately ventilated and the all-clear given. The red "Extinguishant Released" indicator on the control panel outside the server rooms will show whether the GSS has been activated or not.

NOTE: the gas used in the GSS is not toxic per se, but it would significantly interfere with your breathing. In addition, the discharge of the gas would be noisy and is likely to cause sudden temperature and pressure changes within the rooms.

Warning indicators

In both B.02 and B.Z14 the general building alarm uses an electronic sounder with a flashing warning light. The GSS warning is a bell with a flashing light.

B.Z14 warning indicators

The image above shows the warning indicators in B.Z14. The general warning is to the left and the GSS warning to the right.

B.02 warning indicators

The image above shows the B.02 warning indicators. The general warning is to the top and the GSS warning below it.

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