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Main Informatics website

The main Informatics web service covers the site accessed via the URL.

Most recruitment and publicity type content is now hosted on the University's central web service, so many of the old URLs will redirect you to pages.

Official administrative information is now hosted on the intranet site Note that here the term intranet indicates that the content is targeted at existing staff and students, it is still publicly accessible to the world.

About the only content left on are teaching pages, though they are mostly migrated the University's VLE - Learn.

Over the many years that has been around there have been changes in technology, and things are fragmented:

Visiting actually takes you to pages hosted on the University's central (EdWeb) web service. There are other old URLs (mainly recruitment focused) which will redirect you to the central content too. A limited number of staff have publishing access to EdWeb. Updates and corrections are best handled via the Communications team.
Originally all content was managed via our own in-house CVS based tools and scripts. Some parts of are still managed that way, e.g. course pages at<course-code>. However, most teaching content has migrated to Learn.
EdWeb local distribution
The School's management and student services pages have moved to our intranet site,, which is a local installation of the central EdWeb (which gives us a bit more control). This has replaced the pages previously hosted on our Plone service.
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