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Legacy websites

The ex-departmental web servers (of DCS, DAI and CogSci) would, in an ideal world, just die off. However, some legacy URLs appear in journals etc, so in order not to break those links, the old sites have been kept going (but usually just to redirect people to newer equivalent content).

We will periodically review the need to keep providing these legacy web servers.

The services were moved from the respective departmental hardware to current DICE hardware, so some old CGIs and other web configuration may not be supported on the current DICE setup.
See this historical document for details of the transition to DICE hardware, what changed and what old DCS users needed to do. Document root location: /afs/
Since the South Bridge fire of 2002, this has been hosted on DICE hardware. Document root location: /afs/
Document root location: /afs/
Some of the above areas are restricted to those with the necessary access.
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