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Informatics blog service

Informatics runs the deprecated blogging service at

No new blogs

With the arrival of the University's centrally provided blogging service,, no new blogs are being created on the Informatics service. Users should use central service for new blogs.

Existing blogs on blog.inf will continue for now, but we envisage people being encouraged to migrate to the central service.

Configuring your blog

If you have still have a blog on blog.inf, you should:

  1. Enable the "Anti-Spam" plugin from your blog's Dashboard;
  2. Change the Settings -> Discussion -> Default article settings, particularly to turn off "pingbacks and trackbacks";
  3. Review the other comments settings.

When you leave

Once you leave Informatics, your blog will removed after your account grace period has expired.

You can save a copy of your blog as XML via the Dashboard Tools -> Export page.

The Systems blog

You should read the Computing Systems blog which gives news about the Informatics computer systems.

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