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AV facilities for Informatics events/meetings

For specific room details see:

Making event bookings

Please consider the following when making a booking and make sure that computing support are sent your full requirements well in advance via the support form.

Please note that we only provide support during office hours.

Facilities Comments
Network access See Network access for Informatics events.
Visitor Machines Visitors will be able to use their own laptops and connect via the central wireless provided wireless accounts have been created.

There are DICE visitor machines in the open areas on levels 2, 3 and 4 but they require a DICE account. They are therefore not suitable for short-term visitors.

Any other relevant information If you are using external sources to help with streaming/video-ing etc, then please let support know. It is more than likely that they will require some network assistance.

If your event includes demonstrations in the Atrium, then again, please consider network and power requirements.

Testing If you are planning to do something other than a standard PowerPoint style presentation, then we STRONGLY advise that you book the facility for a test run.

If you would like a quick demonstration of the facilities, then let us know in advance and this can be arranged.

Making meeting room bookings

For most meeting room bookings, it is unlikely that you will have to contact support as the day to day use of the AV facilities in these rooms is documented and fairly straightforward. If you wish to use the mobile lecterns, these must be booked in advance to give support/servitorial staff time to put them in place.

General points

  • Microphones and the visualiser are now kept at reception. Please specify at the time of booking of you require any of these items.
  • Please report any faulty equipment as soon as possible to support.
  • All meeting rooms have been supplied with network cables for connecting laptops to the self-managed wire. Please do not remove them.
  • Not all the ports in meeting rooms have been enabled, so please do not disconnect network cables from the floor boxes. If you need a specific port enabled, please contact support. Ports that have been enabled will have a coloured dot beside them in the floor box or will have a label "PolyCom".
  • Support keep a set of keys for the lecterns but we do not lend them out.
  • There are a number of PolyCom conference phones available which can be used in the meeting rooms. These are kept with the Admin offices on each floor and are a bookable resource via the Room Booking System. If you require to use one, please make sure that you include this in your list of requirements at the time of booking.
  • Please do not attempt to move any of the lecterns.
  • Support do not have a laptop that can be lent out.

See also the School's Organising Events pages.

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