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The University of Edinburgh (UoE) Research DataStore is one element of the implementation of the University's Research Data Management Policy. IS provides Windows, MacOS and self-managed linux instructions on accessing the centrally provided DataStore filespace. You can access DataStore from a linux machine by either using the CIFS Windows share method (the preferred method, apparently), NFS or samba. NFS is restricted by a firewall, the machine needs to be registered with ECDF and must have a static ip and is not the recommended way to connect. Samba is a recognised and well-tested means of connecting if not rather out-dated. For MacOS, samba is recommended. In all cases, the machine must be connected to the University network either directly or via VPN.

All researchers and PGR students in the University are automatically granted a personal allocation of 500 GB on the DataStore service, and half of this can be reallocated to a shared group or project space. Additional capacity can be purchased for £175 per TB per annum and there is support for very large data (>1 PB). It is fully backed-up and you can connect your DataStore personal or group share with DataSync to share your files anywhere and with anyone.

There are instructions on how to access DataStore on DICE and how to connect to DataStore from a self-managed machine.


This is a dropbox-like file-hosting service which works well for data in DataStore. Aside from being able to have your files synched and available via the Web Interface and client applications, one of the main uses of DataSync is the ability to share files with other collaborators, be they members of the University with existing accounts or external users with no Uni affiliation. Full details can be found on the IS DataSync pages.


ECDF has HPC and data storage facilities:

  • High performance computing including EDDIE Linux compute cluster and GPGPU service
  • data
    • HPC file storage - A large amount of high performance fibre channel storage is available to users of the Research Services compute cluster, Eddie. You can request to have group DataStore spaces mounted on the cluster using NFS.
    • Backup services
    • Raw data services - In addition to offering file services to end users, the Research Services can also assist with the provision of large scale block device storage systems in collaboration with School IT staff.
  • Cloud Computing Service


Edinburgh DataShare is a digital repository of research data produced at the University of Edinburgh, hosted by Information Services. Edinburgh University researchers who have produced research data associated with an existing or forthcoming publication, or which has potential use for other researchers, are invited to upload their dataset for sharing and safekeeping. A persistent identifier and suggested citation will be provided.


This is an alternative to DataShare, which is an open repository. The aim of DataVault is to provide Principal Investigators and co-PIs with a safe place to store research data which they are no longer actively developing but need to keep, and which cannot be published. As this facility will use encryption, it can be used for personal data.

The DataVault allows data creators at the University of Edinburgh to:

  • Store their data safely in the University’s archival storage option
  • Link this data to a record in Pure without having to re-enter any of the data
  • Optionally, receive a DOI for the data which can be used in publications and other outputs (on condition the associated Pure record is publicly accessible)
  • Comply with funder and University requirements to preserve research data for the long-term, and
  • Be confident that their data will be there for them to reuse in the future as and when required.

See IS DataVault pages for more information.

Data Safe Haven

This is a controlled and secured service environment for undertaking research using sensitive data (personal, sensitive-personal, or confidential).

The service provides robust controls and safeguards to enable the secure transfer of sensitive data into a highly secure environment where it can be stored, manipulated and analysed by approved members of a research team.

For more details see Data Safe Haven (IS).

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