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DataStore and Samba

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From a DICE machine you can access this filespace as follows:
From the Places menu select Connect to Server. A dialog box will appear. Here's an example of how to fill in the fields:

Service Type: Windows Share
Share: /csce/inf/users
Folder: your username	
Username: your username	
Domain: ED

The password will be your Active Directory password. (Ask us for help if you don't know this or need it reset.)
If you prefer to access via command line

smbclient \\\\\\csce -W ED -U your username 

The password will be your Active Directory password.

IS also provides instructions for accessing DataStore:

In these instructions, you should replace 'COLLEGE' with 'csce'. If you are asked for a password, you should use your University password, not your DICE one. Contact support if you are unsure of what this might be.

Mounting a Datastore Samba share using sshfs

IS provides these instructions:

For example, to mount your Datastore home path to a directory on DICE, mind the missing workaround=all:

sshfs -o intr,large_read,auto_cache -oPort=22222 ~/Your directory

The password will be your Active Directory password.
To unmount, use:

 umount ~/path to the mount

Informatics Samba

The IS instructions can also be used to access Informatics samba shares, except that for these the address will be something like:


and the password you should use is the one you set up specially for accessing Samba. Once again Contact support if you need help with this.

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