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To help enhance the security of the Informatics computing infrastructure, we provide a web interface which allows you to review your recent login activity. The site is at:

This allows you to review your logins made to DICE systems using the Secure Shell (SSH), the remote desktop service and any access to Cosign protected web services. We intend to extend it to cover other forms of remote access, for example OpenVPN.

You are a much better judge of what constitutes unusual login activity than anyone else could be, so we hope that you will review this information regularly. In particular look for sources you do not recognise: the country of origin is not always guaranteed to reflect your real location, but it is a very good guide. The times of day should also be checked: a login at 4am, when you’re normally sound asleep, is likely to be a problem unless you were at a conference in Australia!

To help users regularly review the login activity associated with their account we send out monthly emails which briefly summarise all login activity from remote sites for the previous month. In the web interface the access from remote sites is highlighted as a guide as to which entries are most in need of review. If you believe there has been any unauthorised use of your account please contact the Computing Support Team.

The information presented is based on data collected from the system log files. This data is stored for 120 days on our central log host. This data is stored securely and is only accessible to the Computing Team. At the end of the retention period some data is retained in an anonymised form so that we can calculate long-term statistics. For full details, see our Data Protection policy.

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