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OpenVPN for iOS

This page contains instructions on how to use the Informatics OpenVPN service on iOS devices. The first thing to do is to download and install OpenVPN from the app store.

Once you have done this, the most straightforward way to install the configuration files is to email them to yourself as attachments. Set the MIME-type to "application/x-openvpn" to have them processed automatically by your iOS device.

Now, read the email you sent yourself on your iOS device, and click on the attachment. Select "Copy to OpenVPN". On the Import Profile page select ADD. Edit the profile name to taste. Add your username, and click on ADD. The new profile will now appear in your list.

To use this new profile, in the OpenVPN app simply slide the slider and enter your password. To stop using it, slide the slider the other way.

Warning: if you value your battery life, only use OpenVPN when you have to, and turn it off again as soon as you no longer need to use it. While you have it turned on "keepalive" packets will be sent between your device and the endpoint every few seconds, so your device will not be able to go into low-power mode.

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