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Using the network from outwith the School

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What's a firewall? tells you what a firewall is.
Remote working is about using the School's facilities from outside. This page is specifically about the Informatics network.

Informatics firewall

Our network perimeter is protected by a stateful firewall: in general, all traffic which originates from within our network is permitted, whilst everything originating from outside is blocked.

Exemptions to allow incoming traffic from outside are made as necessary, and can be arranged for any users's machine (whether DICE, self-managed, or Windows managed desktop) on request. Should you need an exemption, please contact Computing Support, giving the name of the machine, the port(s) involved, and an explanation of why the exemption is necessary.

Note that for a machine to have a firewall exception, it must have a fixed IP address. All exemptions are reviewed annually.

Finally, note that we currently have no 'internal firewalling' between any of our own subnets. We might implement this at some stage in the future.

The Informatics VPN

Simple ssh access may not be sufficient for your requirements. You may want your home machine to appear as though it is inside the Informatics network. To do this, you need to setup what is known as a Virtual Private Network (VPN): see the Instructions for setting up the Informatics VPN for more information.

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