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LaTeX help and support

This page explains what help you can expect from Computing Support, and where else to get help and support with LaTeX.
To find out more about LaTeX itself, see the LaTeX page.

Distribution and Tools

DICE desktops and compute servers have a full LaTeX distribution - presently TeX Live 2019 or newer. See the LaTeX on DICE page for more.

Computing Support provides updates and support for its basic operation. We can help with the production of basic documents in formats such as PDF and PostScript, and we can also provide basic assistance in extending the environment.

Informatics document classes

Computing Support also provides and maintains the School of Informatics document classes.

Additions to LaTeX

If there's something that you think must be installed centrally, Computing Support can generally fulfil requests for updates and additional packages - though this is subject to the usual restrictions on new software. Please see our documentation on software requests for details.

Services using LaTeX

The following Informatics services make direct use of LaTeX:

Computing support maintains these services. We can also give basic help with compilation or system errors when you use the tools to generate documents. For support beyond this, see below.

Document Creation

If you're having trouble laying out - or even compiling - your documents, the support we can provide is limited. If the problem is caused by or related to our environment, we'll probably be able to help. In any case you should still expect a response, and the usual policies of escalation apply.

The best way to find LaTeX support in Informatics is from colleagues and peers who have direct experience in writing their own documents. We'd recommend putting your question to our inf-general mailing list, particularly if you're looking for suggestions on how to achieve a particular effect or result.

Alternatively, or if you've exhausted our local expertise, there are several popular online resources and communities which might be able to help. A good source of such sites is the UK-TUG website, whose links include:

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