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What is Maple?

Maple is a Computer Algebra system developed by Maplesoft which is provided for use on DICE systems.

Currently we carry only one version of Maple - a perpetually-licensed version 9. Maple 9 is available for unlimited use on DICE, though it is now very old and cannot be supported.

See the Licensed Software page for more details on licensed software.

Using Maple

Maple 9 can be launched in terminal mode using the maple command, or graphically in "legacy mode" using the command maple9 -cw. On DICE SL7 machines we've managed to resurrect the "modern" graphical interface of Maple 9, accessible via the xmaple command.

Though we carry Maple 9 for historical reasons, it's really, very old. We'd suggest you seek alternative, more modern tools. If you'd like to buy a licence for a newer version of Maple, though, please read our information on purchasing to discuss your options with support.

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