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Encrypting Groups of Files on DICE

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This page is about encrypting groups of files on DICE Linux. For other computers and devices see Enabling encryption on computers.

There are at least two tools available for encrypting groups of files under DICE:

gnome-disks has the merit of convenience - it is bundled with the OS and does not need configuration by support staff. See Make an encrypted USB stick with gnome-disks for details. This method is not suitable for encrypting groups of files on AFS.

Veracrypt is useful for encrypting USB sticks, but can also encrypt a container file on a local filesystem. It requires some initial configuration by support staff for your DICE desktop and is more clunky to use than gnome-disks. Veracrypt encrypted USB sticks can be read on Windows machines using the Truecrypt or Veracrypt tools. See Veracrypt for details.

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