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What happens to my account when I leave ?

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DICE accounts will be disabled/deleted according to University policy (DICE accounts for staff will persist longer).

Once an account reaches its end date (students - last day of final year, staff - leaving date) a process begins whereby the account move through three stages : expiry, suspension and finally deletion.

Access to most services is maintained whilst the account is expiring.

Following expiry, the account will be suspended and users will lose access to all services, but no data is deleted until this period is complete.

Account type Expiry period (days) Suspension period (days)
Undergraduate 150 30
Taught postgraduate 150 30
Research postgraduate 240 30
Staff 30 (180 for DICE) * 90
Visitor 0 (30 for DICE) 30

* To clarify: for staff, the expiry period for University provided services (e.g. email) is 30 days; the expiry period for services provided through an Informatics DICE account is 180 days.

Users will be warned at the beginning of the expiry period that any data associated with their account will be deleted at the end of the suspension period.

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Forwarding mail for ex-staff

It is possible to have mail forwarded to an external email address. However, this should be regarded as the exception rather than the rule. The forward will last for a maximum of 5 years.

There is a full explanation of the University's Policy.

I would like to keep my account after I leave.


This is provided to facilitate ongoing academic collaborations; the request to keep an account should come from a member of staff who is willing to act as host.

In order to keep your account active there are a few changes that have to be made. These are administrative and are done by your local admin person.

  • Registration on the University Visitor Registration System.
  • Update entry in the School Database.

Both the entries in the VRS and the School Database should match and should be kept current for as long as the account is required.


Students can continue to use their accounts for the time prescribed in the leaving guide. After their official leaving date has passed some services may not be available, as they are only available to current staff and students. If there is an ongoing collaboration with a member of staff, the student should be registered as a visitor and a new account created. This is done by admin staff at the request of the staff member who is acting as host.

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