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Visitor Accounts

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"A visitor is anyone who is working or studying on University premises but who is not registered either by HR on Main Payroll, or by Registry on the student systems. A visitor may also be a person remotely collaborating with a staff member."

A DICE account is required by remote workers to access Informatics machines and services.

  • To request a visitor account you should contact your local admin team in the first instance. They will register the details of your visitor's visit on the University Visitor Registration system (VRS). Your visitor will then be able to register with Your University Login, and use that to register for the Wireless Service.
  • Visitor details will subsequently be sent electronically to the Informatics School database - however a DICE account can only be generated once Informatics HR have completed the database record with the sponsor details and ticked the 'DICE' box. Admin staff should therefore provide InfHR with full visitor details via the HR form and also inform support with the visitor details and computing requirements via the new account form.
  • Before being given the account details, your visitor must sign and agree to abide by the University's Computing Regulations. The DICE account will entitle them to 5GB of home directory space. Any other requirements should be requested via the support form.

    Please note that Computer Support staff do not have authorisation to use the VRS system so requests for visitor accounts must first be made through admin staff.

    Please ensure that you give as much notice as possible about visitors. None of the above steps take particularly long but a 24 hour period should be expected to allow for the entry to be made in the VRS and then approved by a Service Manager. The feed from VRS then takes place overnight and a DICE account will be created the following day.

    Should your visitor require the use of a DICE machine, please let Computing Support know as soon as possible so that this can be arranged.

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