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Visitor Accounts

To access Informatics machines and services, visitors to the school will require a DICE account.

Local Visitors - current UoE staff/students - Staff and students of elsewhere in UoE collaborating with Informatics. They should not be registered in the University Visitor Registration system (VRS) as they already have a University account and username (UUN). To request a DICE account for a Local Visitor, the member of staff acting as host should submit the Informatics Visitor Registration Form to Institutes-Admin who will add their details to the Personal Information Processor (PIP) which then triggers generation of a DICE account.

External visitors - Anyone who is working or studying on University premises but who is not registered either by HR on Main Payroll, or by Registry on the student systems. A visitor may also be a person remotely collaborating with a staff member.

Additional info

  • Before being provided with account details, your visitor must agree to abide by the University's Computing Regulations.
  • Informatics Policy on visitors.
  • The DICE account will entitle them to 5GB of afs home directory space. Any other requirements such as ssh access to specific servers/clusters should be requested via the support form.
  • Should your visitor require the use of a DICE desktop machine within an office, please let Computing Support know as soon as possible so that this can be arranged.
  • Please note that Computing Support staff do not have authorisation to create visitor accounts, so all requests must go via Institutes-Admin.
  • Do please give as much notice as possible about visitors. None of the above steps take particularly long but a 48 hour period should be expected to allow for the entry to be made in the VRS and then approved by a Service Manager. The feed from VRS then takes place overnight and a DICE account would be created the next again day.

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