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kex_exchange_identification: read: Connection reset by peer

You may get this error from the ssh command:

kex_exchange_identification: read: Connection reset by peer

Or it might look like this:

ssh_exchange_identification: read: Connection reset by peer

These are the most likely reasons for the error:

1. You're outside Informatics, and getting your password or username wrong.

When you're trying to login to one of the external login (ssh) servers from outside Informatics, several failed login attempts in a row may produce this error. It usually means that your ssh logins are now being blocked for security reasons. The block is triggered automatically when several login failures are made in a short time.

If this happens to you, don't worry. Just wait a while then try again - the block is only temporary. The block is triggered by only a few login failures. If you urgently need access you can contact the User Support team (during office hours) and ask them to unblock you.

These temporary blocks help to protect us against brute force attempts to break in. Our externally accessible machines are under constant attack, so we must take steps to protect our machines, our data and our reputation.

To avoid this problem, use Kerberos. With Kerberos you authenticate to on your home machine before making a login attempt. It's a far more secure way of connecting, and since it avoids SSH password prompts, it avoids the automatic blocks. (Note though that this trick does not work on our remote desktop service.)

Find out more at these help pages:

2. You're trying to login to a cluster node.

You'll probably get this message when you try to login directly to a cluster node, because direct logins to most cluster nodes are blocked. Try logging in to the cluster's head node. The clusters are listed at Cluster computing.

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