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Screensaver and display preferences

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This page explains how to alter screensaver and display preferences in order to save energy or increase security.

SL7 DICE Linux has a screensaver which starts (by default) after five minutes. You can change that to a different period of time using the screensaver preferences.

To see the screensaver preferences panel choose Screensaver from the GNOME Applications -> Other menu. Adjust the "Blank after" and "Lock Screen After" buttons as needed. See the Screen Lock in GNOME page for more details.

Using MATE, you can find the screensaver preferences panel by choosing System -> Control Centre -> Internet and network.

To lock the screen yourself choose Lock Screen from the System menu.

Alternate Languages

If you use a non-English keyboard layout with your desktop environment (e.g. Cyrillic) you may find yourself unable to unlock the screen since the password is expected to be in ascii characters. An Informatics user has provided this Perl script which should fix the problem. The idea is to call the setxkbmap tool with some arguments to switch the keyboard layout every time when the process xscreensaver-command -watch tells us that Xscreensaver is locking the screen (and possibly switches the layout back on unlock).

To use this script create a directory within your DICE home directory named .startup, save the script as something like and then finally ensure it is executable.

mkdir ~/.startup
cp ~/Downloads/control_xscreensaver_layout.pl_.txt ~/.startup/
chmod a+x ~/.startup/

The script should start working the next time you logout and login again.

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