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Setting up and sharing Office365 calendars

Creating and sharing a new calendar

Log in to

Once logged in, click on the square grid icon at the top left and then select calendar, or use the direct link

Create a new calendar (e.g. absences) by clicking the Add calendar beside My Calendars.

By default, any new calendar will be set so that anyone in the University has read access (for availability only). To restrict access, right-click on the calendar name at the left-hand side and select "Sharing and permissions". The current permissions appear on the right-hand side. Click on the 'bin icon' beside "Exseed Diary Users", to remove, and then "save" at the top (right-hand side).

Then, if you want to share this calendar, either select "Share" from the top row of selections or right click on the calendar name at the left-hand side and select "share calendar".

Sharing settings can also be accessed through the cog-wheel icon for Settings and then clicking at the bottom View all Outlook settings > Shared calendars.

You will now be asked to enter who you would like to share this calendar with. If you want to share this calendar with another person, enter their surname (in capitals) and click "Search Directory". Select the correct person from the list ensuring that you choose an address. If you select, for example, an address you will only be able to select 'availability' as a share option and not 'Full Details". Leave the default share option as "Full Details", check the correct calendar is selected under "Calendar" and then press "Send" to send the request.

If you want to share your calendar with the infhr account, type "" in the "share with" box and "HR Informatics" should appear as your only option.

I've received an email from someone wanting to share their calendar

Log in to

Click on the email in your Inbox and you should see an "Accept" button.

After clicking "Accept", the shared calendar should appear under "Other Calendars". You may have to refresh the screen first for it to appear.

Further information on Office365 and Calendars can be found on the IS website

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