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How do I connect my laptop to the wired network in the Forum?

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Here's a brief 'quickstart' guide intended for new staff members and students in the Forum who have been allocated a desk, and who would like to connect their laptop to the wired network:

  1. Please read the School's self-managed and personal machines policy first.

  2. Your desk is fitted with several network cables. To connect your laptop, you should use either the red or the blue cable: just choose the one which is most convenient for you. (And, if you can't even see the red or blue cable to get started, look for either of them in the wiring baskets underneath your desk, then feed the free end of the cable up through a hole to the top of your desk.)

  3. The red and blue cables will be connected to a network 'floorbox' located somewhere under your desk. Find that floorbox, and identify the label of the network port to which that cable is connected. It will look something like, for example, 4/B/D05/3/02. Make a note of that label.

  4. Decide whether or not you need a fixed IP address for your laptop. (Note that, for general purpose use, you do not need a fixed IP address: most laptops used in the Forum don't have them.)

  5. Now, contact our Computing Support team. Tell them:

    • the label of the network port you've found in step 2 above;
    • that you want to connect your laptop to that network port; and
    • whether or not you need a fixed IP address.

    (Note that, if you're asking for a fixed IP address rather than a dynamically-assigned one, you'll be expected to provide a reason why such an address is necessary in your case.)

  6. Wait until our support team tells you that they have arranged the necessary configuration - then plug in, and go!

Note that power sockets are hidden beneath metal flaps in the top of the desk.

For more complete information, please see our Using the wired network in the Informatics Forum pages.

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