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How do I leave a job running?

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  • How do I leave a job running?

    For medium term jobs (more than 18 hours, but less than 28 days), or any job that you wish to leave running in the background (so you can log out) use longjob.

    Simply place the command(s) you want to run within a bash script, then run that script with longjob, e.g

        longjob -28day -c ./ 

    You will be asked to enter your DICE password, then the job will run for up to 28 days. Read the longjob manual (man longjob) for more details.

    You can check that your longjob process is running with

        ps -ef | grep

    Make sure your script is executable by you, or longjob will fail returning Permission denied messages.

    Remember to save your results regularly, and always nice your processes (with at least a value of +10).

    Rather than occupying a lab machine, it may be more appropriate to use a compute server. See our list of general purpose servers.

    Long term jobs (greater than 28 days) need extra setup. Ask for this via the Support Form.

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