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How does the DICE bash start-up mechanism work?

We've modified bash slightly on DICE. If you want to personalise it you should use the startup files described below.
For full details type this at a shell prompt:

man bashdefenv

This is how the startup files behave on DICE Ubuntu:

~/.brc is executed every time a new shell starts. Use it for aliases.

~/.benv is executed every time a shell starts in a new environment. Use this to set environmental variables or functions, for example - things which can be exported to subshells.

~/.bprofile is executed when you login (except when logging in to a remote desktop - so you might be better off using ~/.benv).

~/.inputrc is used to set the key bindings for command line editing operations.

~/.bash_logout is unchanged from the standard bash name and behaviour. See man bash for definitive advice.

We do not recommend using the standard .bashrc, .bash_env or .bash_profile files.

You can add directories to bash's command search path using setpath as an alternative to manipulating the $PATH variable directly. This helps set up the search path in the right order.

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