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Computing Projects

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All Informatics users (staff and students) may request development effort from Computing Support. This may be to add a new service, add features to an existing service, or may be for any other changes in our provided computing facilities.

To see all our existing projects and to request development effort go to the Computing Projects web site. To propose a project you simply need to provide a reasonable description and identify the beneficiaries. You may propose a project purely for yourself or on behalf of a wider group of users.

Once a project has been proposed it will go through an internal review process. We aim to review projects within ten working days unless they have particularly complex requirements. You may be consulted during this review process. You will then be informed whether your project has been approved or rejected and why. In order to be approved projects should fall into one of our defined target prioritisation groups. These are:

a project covering work required by College, University, Head of School and/or due to external legislative changes and in some cases security related changes.
falling under one of our specific goals in the currently presiding annual computing plan (section two).
falling under one of our general mission objectives in the currently presiding annual computing plan (section one).

Projects that cannot be placed under one of the above may still be approved in principle but are unlikely to ever be resourced unless widely supported across the School. You are welcome to advertise a proposed project (while under review or after approved) within the School to solicit support and comments. Individually submitted projects with a lot of interest across the School are much more likely to be approved and resourced sooner than those with none. You can see the list of the currently proposed projects under review at Proposed Computing Projects.

All approved projects go into a queue to wait on resourcing. You can see the list of the currently approved projects at Approved Computing Projects. The queue is prioritised first in order of the groups above (Mandatory, Strategic then Objective). Within each group projects are initially prioritised on a first come first served basis. However, mandatory deadlines, level of support across the School, technical constraints and the available computing staff at any one time may also affect prioritisation.

Once resourced, projects will start running immediately and should run to completion (or in rare cases abandonment). You can see the list of the currently running projects at Running Computing Projects. While a project is running you are encouraged to keep in regular contact with the lead developer to check on progress and discuss any evolving requirements. The developers should also be in touch with you as the finer detail of what needs to be done firms up. If at any point the project does not seem to be progressing or you want to escalate any other issue then contact the manager of the project. Beyond this (or where the manager is also the lead developer) contact the Head of Computing.

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