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Archiving of taught student home directories

All users home directories are regularly backed up for the purposes of disaster recovery and in-extremis recovery of inadvertently deleted files at the users own request.

After the closure of a taught student account (three months after the end of the students final session) no archive backup of the students home directory will be taken, the students home directory will be deleted and access to content stored on previous backups will be declined to anyone (excepting legal requirement under computing regulations).

Therefore if, as a taught student, you wish to preserve any of the content of your home directory before leaving you must do this yourself.

For use in the assessment of a students project a copy of supporting material (source code and build instructions) will be held. An archive backup will normally be taken of this supporting material to allow future re-use. However, as a taught student, you have the right to prevent this. You can do this during upload of your project and supporting material by ticking the box which states that you want the project supporting material to be deleted after the assessment process is complete.

These archive backup procedures apply to taught students only. They are the result of a proposal and agreement on a policy document at Teaching Committee, see links below.

Teaching Committee Minutes 16th Apr 08 (Section 3.4)

Archiving Student Directories - Approved Policy Document

Teaching Committee Minutes 6th Feb 08 (Section 8)

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