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The main Informatics web service covers the site accessed via the URL. Official teaching and administrative information should be hosted on a URL. There are also some Institute sites which use the same technologies as

Over the time that has been around there have been changes in technology, and things are a little fragmented:

Visiting actually takes you to pages hosted on the University's central (Polopoly-based) web service. There are other old URLs (mainly recruitment focused) which will redirect you to Polopoly-based content too. A limited number of staff have publishing access to Polopoly. Updates and corrections are best handled via the Knowledge Management team.
Originally all content was managed via our own in-house CVS based tools and scripts. Some parts of are still managed that way, eg course pages at<course-code>.
More recently some of the School's management and student services pages have moved to our Plone WCMS service. eg School Services/ and Student Services.
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