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Informatics runs a WordPress based blogging service at

It should be used for Informatics and Informatics-related blogs, and not for other, more general, blogs.

There's a Computing Systems blog which gives news about the Informatics computer systems.

Staff and postgraduate students can create new blogs. All users can contribute to existing blogs.

To create a new blog, click the "Create a new blog" link on the front page of You may be asked to login if you have not already done so, and redirected to

It is recommended that you enable the "Anti-Spam" plugin from your blog's Dashboard, and that you consider changing the Settings -> Discussion -> Default article settings, especially turning off the "pingbacks and trackbacks". You should also review the other comments settings.

Once you leave Informatics, your blog will remain (unless you ask for us to remove it, or it needs to be removed for legal or technical reasons), but you will no longer be able to update/maintain it.

You can save a copy of your blog as XML via the Dashboard Tools -> Export page.

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