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Informatics AV facilities

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  • All microphones and the visualiser are held at reception. Please ensure that you specify your requirements at time of booking.
  • All lecterns/mobygo's have sound capabilities.
  • Each admin office has a Polycom conference phone that can be borrowed. There is a port in each meeting room suitably labelled (POLYCOM) to which these can be connected. They are already configured so should pick up their number automatically.
  • Each of the meeting rooms have been fitted with at least 2 network cables. If you find that they are missing, please contact Support.
  • Please report any faulty equipment as soon as you can to support or to the person in Informatics who made your booking.
  • Ports that have been enabled will have a coloured dot beside them in the floor box.
  • Please do NOT move any of the lecterns.
  • Support do not have a laptop that can be lent out.
  • If using a laptop PLEASE familiarise yourself with the settings/function keys required to switch display to an external monitor screen before you come and use the meeting room AV equipment.
  • Lectern keys are NOT handed out so it is important to ensure that support know of your AV requirements at the time of booking.
  • Informatics rooms are not equipped with videoconferencing facilities, however the University has three Videoconferencing suites located in the Central area, Kings Buildings and at Holyrood.

Forum meeting room facilities

  • G01/Atrium
    1 large screen. Output from camera in Atrium can be controlled from the movable 'mobygo' lectern and displayed on the large screen.
  • G07 (100)
    2 screens, 2 projectors, 2 lapel mics, 3 table mics,2 hand held mics, in-built mic, visualiser, camera, lectern with MDP machine
  • G07A (80)
    2 screens, 2 projectors, 1 lapel mic, 1 hand held mics, in-built mic., camera, lectern with MDP machine
  • 1.15 (12)
    lectern with DICE machine.
  • 1.16 (12)
    lectern with DICE machine, SmartBoard
  • 2.32 (40)
    Sofas and tables. Casual seating. No fixed AV.
  • 3.02 (12)
    lectern with DICE machine, SmartBoard
  • 4.31 (30)
    lectern with DICE machine
  • 4.33 (30)
    theatre style seating
  • 4.40/Mini-Forum 2 (60)
    Movable 'mobygo' lectern with portable projector
  • 5.02 (12)
    lectern with DICE machine
  • 5.42 (14)
    DICE machine, projector,screen, laptop connectivity

Making a booking

Existing room bookings can be viewed on-line. (Only accessible to University Networks)

Internal and external events

We make a distinction between internal events (those involving the School of Informatics) and external events (which have no connection to the School of Informatics). External events should normally be restricted to the facilities on the Ground floor. See the AV facilities for internal events page and the AV facilities for external events page for more details on what's available.

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