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Email services

All user email is handled by the University's email services. All problem reports should go to IS Helpline.

Informatics staff and postgraduate researchers have an account on the staffmail service. Staffmail Overview has full details including setup instructions for email clients.

Informatics taught students have an account on the Office 365 service. Office 365 email has full documentation including setup instructions for email clients.

Spam and offensive mail

We have advice on dealing with spam and offensive mail.

Edinburgh Mail Directory

The University also provides the Edinburgh Mail Directory. This allows you to request an email address (alias) like which will forward email onwards to your actual INBOX, e.g.

To request an email alias visit the Staffmail Email directory aliases page and enter the required alias.

Local mailing lists

There is a guide to mailing lists for people in Informatics.

A list of all Informatics mailing lists is available at It is possible to tell which lists are generated from the database and which are created by computing support.

Mailing Lists are usually only set up at the request of staff and postgraduate students. However, undergraduates may request a mailing list to be set up if the request has the support of a member of academic staff.

To request a list, contact computing support via the web form and provide the following information:

  • who will own the list
  • what the list will be for
  • if the list can be deleted after a certain time
  • the list's name. This has to be more than 8 characters or contain a hyphen, for example: or

Central mailing lists

There is also a University-wide mailing lists service. This is a more suitable home for lists which are not Informatics-specific.

Email at Informatics

Setting your From: Header
Authenticated SMTP
Dealing with winmail.dat

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