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Remote working

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When you need to access School computing resources from home, or from elsewhere in the world, this page should help.

Before you start

It is vital to make sure that any data you access is secure. Guidance on data security summarises steps you must take if you handle any personal or sensitive data. It gives useful links to a number of pages prepared by the University's Records Management team, including information on the Data Protection Act and Freedom of Information Act laws. It also provides links to help you with data encryption and advice on anti-virus software. Please follow the advice on that page before proceeding any further.

Connecting to Informatics from outside the University

See Connecting from outside the University - an overview.

Reading email

Both staffmail and Office365 provide remote access to email. See the mail page for further details of both systems.

Access to office computers

To login remotely to your office computer you will first need to do two things:

  1. Get access to the Informatics network through the firewall. You can do this either using OpenVPN or using ssh.
  2. If your computer is sleeping you can wake it up remotely.

You should then be able to login to your computer, for instance using ssh.

Remote desktop access

We provide remote access to a DICE desktop environment. See remote desktop service for details.

Restricted web pages

We have advice on getting remote access to restricted web pages.

Information provided by IS

Information Services has a helpful Working from home page.

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