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Office 365 is provided to the University by Microsoft. It includes mail, calendars and various document editing and sharing facilities. All staff and students can use it. If you do not use it for mail, you can still use it for other purposes.

Office 365 has its own login system. Your login for it is called your "University account" or "Active Directory account".
A "University account" username has the form (your UUN is your DICE username).
To make it active, visit then click "Activate".

For more information see Office 365 (IS page).
For mail tips see our Mail page.

IS also run a course fairly regularly for Office365 users. To find out more and to book on a course, search under the "News and Events" tab for "office365". The next course is on 24/09/2019. If you prefer, there are a number of on-line courses on which are all accessible through MyEd.

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