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Cluster computing

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University services accessible to Informatics

The ECDF (Edinburgh Compute and Data Facility) provides access to a number of services including a large scale (2000+ cores) linux cluster, a multi-terabyte scale parallel filesystem and some GPGPU provision. Access is available on request to all staff and research students. However, compute time is billable. If you have large scale HPC/HTC requirements, ECDF should be your first port of call. Taught MSc students may be able to access Eddie but this will require the endorsement of their supervisor who will then have to contact IS helpine directly.

School Services

The School provides a smaller cluster for cluster research and for jobs unsuitable for ECDF. The same hardware is used to provide a number of services. Currently this includes:

Group-specific services

We maintain facilities for research groups within the school:

Services outwith the University

JADE is a UK Tier-2 resource, funded by EPSRC, owned by the University of Oxford and hosted at the Hartree Centre. The hardware was supplied and integrated by ATOS Bull.Edinburgh is a member of the consortium. Our time is currently unlimited (functionally limited by competition in the job scheduler).

To access it, you need to sign up using your e-mail address. On completion, an email will automatically be sent to you containing a password for SAFE which needs to be changed on first login. Once you have signed up, log on to SAFE and click on "Request Join Project". From the dropdown list choose JAD003.


Information about software available on the clusters

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