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DICE desktops and servers

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DICE desktops and servers run a version of Scientific Linux, currently SL7.6, and are managed using the School's machine configuration technology, LCFG.

Login account
You will require a DICE account before you can log in to a DICE desktop or server.
Home directories
Home directories on DICE machines are provided by the Informatics AFS filesystem.
The Shell
DICE accounts require the use of bash as login shell. We've modified bash slightly: the ~/.bash* scripts have different names on DICE. If you wish to customise your shell with startup scripts, you should read how the bash shell is configured under DICE.
External Storage
DICE machines support the connection of external storage such as USB hard drives or flash memory cards or sticks. Hot-pluggable devices are usually mounted automatically by GNOME but DICE also permits USB mounting from the shell.

Other useful info

  • An introductory lecture on the DICE desktop is given at the start of the academic session.
  • Software on DICE explains how to find out what software we have and how to ask for more software to be installed.
  • If you go away for a while please leave your DICE computer on - here's why.
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System Status

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