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Self-managed Linux

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Here are some popular Linux distributions:

Accessing Informatics services

You can find information on how to access the various Informatics services from your Linux machine by selecting the linux topic from the Choose a topic option in the right sidebar. The self-managed topic might also be of interest.


If you keep University files on your computer, you should make backup copies of them.

Local configuration instructions

Kerberos on Ubuntu
How to configure your Ubuntu machine so that you can authenticate with the Informatics Kerberos service
How to configure your machine so that you can access the Informatics file store
Using SSH
How to configure your SSH client to use GSSAPI (Kerberos) authentication to gain the benefits of improved security and the convenience of single-sign-on
How to configure your web browser to use the SPNEGO single-sign-on support for the Informatics Cosign service
How to backup the data on your machine to the Informatics backup service
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System Status

Home dirs (AFS)
Other services
University services
Scheduled downtime

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