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Windows managed desktops

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The Managed Desktop Machines run Windows 10. They are configured by Information Services (IS) and managed locally by Informatics computing staff.

Your profile is stored on a remote server in order that you can log into any managed desktop across the University and have your own setup displayed. However, the quota for the profile is small and should therefore be managed carefully.

If you require any software added to your machine, use the Application Catalog.

To add a new printer, follow the instructions at Windows Managed Desktop printing. To print from Efinancials see the instructions on the Efinancials website.

The supported mail client in Informatics is Thunderbird. Some users may prefer to use MS Outlook but should be aware that this is not the supported mailer and that data (contacts, reminders etc) are not backed up.

The machines go to sleep automatically and should not be shut down.

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